2013: A New Year, A New You, A New Job

2013: A New Year, A New You, A New Job.

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Life As A Student

It’s not easy being a student, especially when you reach 19 and are no longer eligible for basic things.

One being travel expenses, which are necessary in enabling you to reach your place of education, for me that would be college. Saas will no longer fund it and Scotrail won’t offer me a young person’s discount, unless I leave education and become a full time volunteer.

Another is NHS dentist treatment, which I discovered I have to pay for, now that I am 19.

It seems like the government do not want the young people of today to do well for themselves and their country.

Instead of encouraging us to be in education or training up for a job, they are influencing us to take the easy way out and gain money for doing nothing, i.e. apply for Job Seekers Allowance. But to apply for job seekers allowance would mean we would need to drop out of our course at university or college and sit at home, while waiting for the Job Center to contact us.

I for one think that the government are going the wrong way about saving money. Instead of saving money they are handing out money to those who do nothing. This is the wrong way to go about things — instead they should be encouraging students to fulfill their career aspirations. Instead of influencing us, young people to sit home and wait for the government to create jobs for us.

There’s some ways to change what is happening but rioting and violent protesting is the wrong way to make that change.

The only thing we can do is sign the petitions on this site: http://epetitions.scottish.parliament.uk/list_petitions.asp                 that we agree with.

Another way to help change things would be to make up your own petition or join a group for this cause, such as: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Bring-Back-Free-University/134691689914175



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Pussycat doll gets her claws into Cowell

With her new single reaching third place in the charts, Nicole Scherzinger is sure to become a successful solo artist.

She has not only got the talent and the beauty but Scherzinger has also managed to become close friends with Simon Cowell and she may appear next year as a judge on the talent searching show the ‘X Factor.’

I for one have to say that she would be right for the role as an X Factor judge as she too has competed in a talent show, so she knows what it is like to be under that kind of pressure. She may be well known for a role as lead singer in the ‘Pussycat Dolls’ but her first taste of stardom came after earning the role of lead vocalist in the pop group ‘Eden’s Crush.’ With her large portfolio and her vast experience as a vocalist her chances of being an X Factor judge is looking pretty high. Watch out Cheryl Cole you may well have some competition.

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‘Tax Payers Outrage of Paying for Pope’s Visit’ by Jemma McGuffie

The 83 year old Pope Benedict will be visiting Glasgow on the 16th and 17th of September and the event will be hosted in the famous Bellahouston Park. Businesses and houses near that area have been notified of the Pope’s upcoming visit. The park will be closed from 3pm on September the 15th and will remain closed until September the 17th.

He will be delivering 10 speeches and four masses during his two-day visit to Glasgow, Edinburgh, London and Birmingham.
The Pope will be meeting up with the Queen in Edinburgh and two MPs – David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

On the other hand there is a huge debate on whether it is fair that taxpayers in Britain should pay for his visit to Scotland and England. It could cost tax payers up to 12 million pounds for his trip to Britain. The visit will be enjoyed and embraced by people of the Catholic religion.

When reporters confronted the Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols and asked him if asking British tax payers to pay for the Pope’s trip to Scotland and England would dampen things. He said “I don’t think it will dampen enthusiasm at all. I’m confident there will be large crowds,”

However a group of homosexual rights activists led by Peter Tatchell are against the Pope’s visit to Glasgow. In a speech delivered at a public meeting of ‘Protest the Pope’, Tatchell said the Pope was “out of step with the majority of British people, including most Catholics“, quoting the Roman catholic church’s opposition to gay marriage, assisted fertility treatments, stem cell research, female Christian Ministers, rabbis and condoms.

Three Presbyterian Church leaders also bring up the point of how much the event will cost. The three leaders sent a letter to ten Downing Street complaining about tax payers being made to fund the event and especially since the event is happening during a recession.

In the letter, the clerics add: “Others deplore the constitutional and moral issues involved in welcoming the head of the Vatican State to this country. Recent events have revealed the deplorable cover-up by the Roman Catholic hierarchy of the systematic abuse of innocent children by priests.”

In conclusion to this it seems that everyone feels differently towards the Pope’s visit to Glasgow and there is no real answer. All we can hope is that he enjoys his visit and there is no outbreak of violence on the days he is in Glasgow.

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