Life As A Student

August 29, 2011 jemmamcguffie1bhnd

It’s not easy being a student, especially when you reach 19 and are no longer eligible for basic things.

One being travel expenses, which are necessary in enabling you to reach your place of education, for me that would be college. Saas will no longer fund it and Scotrail won’t offer me a young person’s discount, unless I leave education and become a full time volunteer.

Another is NHS dentist treatment, which I discovered I have to pay for, now that I am 19.

It seems like the government do not want the young people of today to do well for themselves and their country.

Instead of encouraging us to be in education or training up for a job, they are influencing us to take the easy way out and gain money for doing nothing, i.e. apply for Job Seekers Allowance. But to apply for job seekers allowance would mean we would need to drop out of our course at university or college and sit at home, while waiting for the Job Center to contact us.

I for one think that the government are going the wrong way about saving money. Instead of saving money they are handing out money to those who do nothing. This is the wrong way to go about things — instead they should be encouraging students to fulfill their career aspirations. Instead of influencing us, young people to sit home and wait for the government to create jobs for us.

There’s some ways to change what is happening but rioting and violent protesting is the wrong way to make that change.

The only thing we can do is sign the petitions on this site:                 that we agree with.

Another way to help change things would be to make up your own petition or join a group for this cause, such as:




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  • 1. wedographicdesign  |  November 18, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    Nice Blog Jemma

  • 3. mooselicker  |  January 12, 2012 at 11:17 pm

    I don’t know what a real good solution would be. Nobody does, that’s the problem. We’re in so deep already. And it’s not like there are so many people out there pursuing the arts and that’s why we’re so poor. Most people give up on that by the time they turn 20. There are just too damn much of us everywhere. And outsourcing. That’s a bad thing. We have too many expenses now. Okay, I’m going to stop before I sound like an old man.

    You posted this in August? Where are the new blogs at?

  • 4. jemmamcguffie1bhnd  |  January 13, 2012 at 9:28 am

    Hi Mooselicker. =-)
    Thanks for your comment, it’s great to get feedback.
    Yes I see your point, the population in the UK alone is 60,975,000.
    My primary blog is:

  • 5. thenotwriter  |  January 13, 2012 at 6:57 pm

    It is the same here in the US. It is almost impossible for kids to afford to complete a college/university degree unless they have a wealthy family who can support them and pay the tuition. To qualify for certain programs you need to be enrolled full time which makes it difficult to also work full time to support yourself, plus find time to study to get good grades to maintain the minimum grade point average required for any scholarships or finacial aide, which for all that work you do to get them, doesnt even come close to covering the expense of school. Then when you do graduate you start out life under the burden of tens or sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt in student loans with ridiculously high minimum payments, which, if you fall behind, they will granish your wages to collect. I never got a chance to finish school, but fifteen years later Im still paying off a student loan. The were times when I was working at minimum wage jobs and the the minimum monthly payment on the loan was about 25% of my monthly income, and I had children to support. I think recently tho, Obama passed a law so student loan payments cant be any higher then like 10% of your income. Its about time something like that was done. It wont do me any good cuz my loan will be finally paid off before it goes into effect, but at least kids will be protected from being bullied by these loan sharks in the near future.

    I just find it hard to believe that the world in general, which depends on having educated, knowledgable people to run it, makes it almost impossible to gain education and knowledge. What do they think is gonna happen when the planet is populated by nothing but the useless and ignorant because theres no one left who afford an education?

  • 6. jemmamcguffie1bhnd  |  January 15, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    I totally agree with you — the government in the U.S. and the UK should be encouraging people to have an education. The good thing about being Scottish is that you get a free education. But I can’t see that lasting any longer as they have already scrapped free education in England as students there, now have to pay tuition fees. They’ve also scrapped travel expenses here, in Scotland. If it wasn’t for my fantastic parents and the fact that I had a 2 jobs, I wouldn’t be able to afford to attend college. A lot of students are already skipping college because they can’t afford to get in.
    Scotrail — a Scottish Rail Service have put their prices up 6%. Things are getting pretty expensive here – the only businesses which are staying afloat at the moment are eateries and supermarkets. Shops like La Senza, HMV, Hawkins Bazaar, Barrats, D2, Jane Norman, Blockbuster have all either closed down or are run by the banks because the shops are in that much debt… Including Woolworths and Borders Books which shut quite a while back.

  • 7. cmdunning92  |  November 7, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    there is a form that you can apply for as a student that gives you free dental and prescriptions amongst a few other things which is quite helpful!

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